More time to your day

+ Up to 2 hours more working time per day *

The automatic cooking programs relieve chefs from manual mixing and constant monitoring. The kettle will let you know when a chef is needed. After the cooking is finished, washing programs and tools take care of cleaning the kettle.

The Dieta kettles allow the chef to concentrate on the more important things in the kitchen.


Efficient and sustainable use of resources

+ Reduce energy consumption by up to 40%, and water use by 35%*

An energy-efficient value above 95% is achieved by the kettle’s clever design combined with food temperature control, ensuring the right amount of energy is used.

When heating happens only when needed, it prevents products from sticking, which makes cleaning the kettle easier. Using the automatic washing program will achieve water and detergent savings of up to 80% – every wash.


You want to take care of your investment

+ The kettle itself is responsible for maintenance

Dieta Genier’s usage counters know when it’s time for maintenance, or components require replacement. The assistants on the screen let the chef know what maintenance actions are required and when.

A well-maintained unit will stay in use when needed and save money


* Compared to a traditional kettle without automatic programs, food temperature control or mixing.