Intuitive use with easy current status monitoring

+ Enjoy cooking

Dieta kettles’ controls are designed for users. The necessary information is easily visible from a distance. Control buttons appears on the screen when they are needed, so tilting, mixing and cooking happens with a touch. There’s no need to focus on small details during cooking.


The multifunctional mixer kettle handles the cooking process

+ Because you can do the tasks that matter most

The Dieta mixer kettle handles the cooking process independently. Colour changes in the screen and alarms guide the chef in adding ingredients, checking the product or in other tasks. Large icons with clear colours make it possible to fast-check the kettle’s status from everywhere in the kitchen.


Cooking programs for favourite recipes

+ The Dieta kettle makes it work

Automated cooking programs ensure high productivity and consistent meal quality, with minimal energy consumption. The programs ensure identical operation, whoever is cooking.

  • Favourites for today’s programs.
  • The same program works with all kettle sizes and production quantities.
  • Add instructions to the programs to ensure the same process every time.
  • Cooking settings can be managed with different user profiless


Real-time HACCP reporting

+ A higher level of food safety

A HACCP report with main events is stored from every cook in the kettle memory. These reports have an identification that easily links them with the kitchen’s HACCP systems. When required, this report is also available in Dieta controller.


Automated washing programs and a rotating lid

+ Cleaning made easier

It is easy to wash the kettle with automated washing programs and special washing tools. They eliminate the need for handwashing, saving up to 20 minutes every time. Furthermore, the use of water and detergent is reduced by 80%, and the total washing time is reduced by up to 45 minutes.

You can rotate the lid of the kettle in place, making it easy to clean. The lid can also be removed for washing if required. The three-part mixing tool is easy to remove from the kettle, and the individual parts can be washed in a dishwasher.