For effective food preparation the mixing is of high importance. It ensures an even temperature and perfect food consistency. Automated mixing makes working simple and profitable, as automated cooking processes ensures high productivity and consistent meal quality.

New recipe possibilities with automation

Dieta mixing kettles comes with built-in mixers that make them incredibly versatile and equally well suited for preparing food from deserts to warm meals. With automated mixing modes and food temperature control they work perfectly with

  • mashing products (e.g. potato purée) 
  • whipped products (e.g. deserts)
  • delicate foods (e.g. milk based products) or
  • heavy masses (e.g. raw cabbage)

Effective mixing with high speed

Dieta kettles has a bottom type mixer drive, equipped with high rate efficiency motor and gearbox located under the kettle. The mixer speed from 10 to 200 revolutions per minute (80-litre kettle) and there are seven different mixer modes to cover all types of food.