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Dieta kettles for automatic cooking

Dietatec kettles are developed with a passion for producing the finest and most versatile meals in
the most efficient way. Our core R&D, engineering, manufacturing and sales team members have many years' experience in the industry. This has made us a world leader in Cook-Mix-Chill applications for kettles.


Dietatec - the manufacturer of world-leading mixing kettles

Dietatec Oy is an independent member of the Dieta Group specialising in the development and manufacturing of kettles and steam cookers for professional kitchens, catering companies, restaurants, hotels and the food processing industry. DIETATEC is a member of the FCSI.


Dieta Group - Growth with superior customer service and quality products

Dieta Group is a Finnish group of companies specialising in providing professional kitchens, restaurants
and the food industry with innovative technologies, products and consumables as well as technical services.