Automation makes working simple and profitable in the professional kitchens, as automated cooking processes ensures high productivity and consistent high quality meals.  The fully automated Dieta kettles are ingenious and cost-effective workhorses for professional kitchens.

MI-MX controller

MI-MX Controller

  • Easy-to-use icon-based user interface
  • 1000 programs, 6 step each
  • AutoCook – scalable recipes
  • HACCP memory
  • On-screen instructions for use


The touch screen control system for MI-MX represent the most advanced in the industry with integrated scale and possibility to fully automated cooking processes. User interface with icons enables efficient cook-mix-chill programming and daily operations. Computerized cooking programs – whether your own or courtesy of the AutoCook function – ensure consistent quality, minimize loss, save time and increase productivity.



SOUPPER controller

MI-MX Controller

  • Numerical temperature display
  • Food temperature control (optional)
  • 100 programs, 2 steps
  • Timer: 24 H
  • Customer specific basic settings


When versatile but straight forward operation are key requirements, then right choice is DIETA Soupper controller. Easy-to-use touchpad controller comes with automatic operation of the jacket heating, programming possibilities, and can be customized with food water measurement and food temperature control.