Dieta Cook-Mix-Chill kettles are perfect for a kitchen that supplies refrigerated food as both cooking and chilling processes takes place directly in the kettle.

Ergonomic and efficient chilling

Chilling with Dieta kettle is ridiculously straightforward. Chilling is either activated from a push button in the display or as part of automated cooking program - no hoses to attach, no extra devices to put in the kettle and no moving the food.

In Dieta kettles the chilling process can be automatically performed after cooking without need to handle any additional tools or move the hot food. This saves a lot of time, increases safety and ergonomics, as it minimizes the number of heavy lifts that the staff have to perform during the cooking process.

Chilling performance

Higher performance with a unique chilled center axis – in addition to cooling through the inner surface of the kettle, ice water also flows through the chilled central axle of the mixer, which in turn increases cooling surface area by about 10%.

Cook-Mix-Chill process is dependent on the correct temperature of the food when it cross the temperature zone with a risk of food contamination. To facilitate the quality assurance of food Dieta kettles have temperature monitoring and recording possibilities for HACCP system.