Endless possibilities, less effort

The highly efficient mixing with Dieta’s patented three-part mixing tool allows for incredible versatility and makes it incredibly versatile and equally well suited for preparing both chilled and hot foods.

Soups and sauces

The automated cooking programs guarantee consistently high-quality soups and sauces.


The powerful mixer can mash the ingredients inside the kettle after boiling. No additional work steps. No additional tools.

Mixing salads

Dieta’s unique mixing tools can be used even with delicate ingredients such as salads, allowing fast combining and tossing.


Mixing kettles are well suited for making deserts.
By using the whipping plate, ingredients can be whipped at high speeds right inside the kettle. The precise temperature control will prevent even milk-based products from burning and sticking to the kettle.

Cook-cold applications

Powerful mixing and Dieta’s unique adapting tool are well suited for the needs of cook-cold kitchens.  By pressing a button or optional foot pedal, the mixing tool can be kept rotating at slow speeds, even when the lid is open.

Melting chocolate

The precise temperature control makes even challenging tasks such as melting chocolate no problem for the Dieta Genier.