Kuusamo Food Service - Cook-Mix-Chill applications

Kuusamo Food Service - Cook-Mix-Chill applications

Change to more effective operation with Cook-Mix-Chill application.

Dieta cook-chill mixer kettle in Kuusamo Central kitchen

Kuusamo Food Service kitchen serves day care centers, schools, health care centers, home service customers, personnel restaurants and catering services. The kitchen had the highest cost per sqm in the building and therefore the importance of an optimized lay-out, effective operation model and right equipment supporting the operation could generate considerable cost savings.

To meet this challenge a restoration project for the new central kitchen “Salvi” was decided. The new kitchen replaces 4 regional kitchens and approx. 1600 meals/day for Kuusamo region is prepared in the new and modern central kitchen.

Kuusamo Central Kitchen chef with Dieta kettle"when the recipes are optimized, the food quality will be consistent and we save time as the kettle handles everything independently, from preparation to chilling”

kitchen manager Marja Pitkänen

“Implementing a new Cook-Chill operation model in parallel to the current Cook-Hold model and concentrating the food preparation to one central kitchen is a must in for the meal service functions in order to be able to efficiently meet future needs. The current equipment was also old and personnel with many team members close to retirement” explains kitchen manager Marja Pitkänen

All equipment categories were bidden and decisions were based on quality requirements established in the procurement process. One equipment category was 5 new kettles of which three represented the latest in technology connected to an icebank consisting of 4400 L icewater and 1800 kg ice. The high-speed chilling kettles allowed a part of the food processing to use a Cook-Chill operational model. The chilled food is then distributed to satellite kitchens where the food is reheated either in combi ovens or in heating carriers. In the side of Cook-Chill, also Cook-Hold operations could continue as before.

Cost-effective cook-chill method

Previously food was prepared in 4 regional kitchens, all distributed hot. Transports were daily, the majority between 0900 and 1200. The implementation of Cook-Chill increases flexibility. Food preparation is now possible throughout the working day. This increases also utilization of the equipments. When all food preparation, ingredient procurement, and logistics is centralized this will save personnel time and resources.

Cook-Chill method saves transport costs as meals are now distributed only three times a week and transport timing is during the afternoon. Cook-Chill operations are not dependent on tight preparation- and transport- schedules in the same way as Cook-Hold.

Optimizing recipes for cook-chill operation

“It is important to remember that all foods are not suitable for kettle chilling and the only way to establish that is through testing. The kettles equipped with the modern control panel gives the opportunity to program your own recipes and therefore we started already months before to perform Cook-Chill tests. In the beginning, changes are done continuously. Later when the recipes are optimized, food quality will be consistent and we save time as the kettle handles everything independently, from preparation to chilling”

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