Sweet and Creamy Fudge

Fudge requires five essential elements —sugar, butter, and milk, then the right temperature and proper whisking. Fudge made in a mixer kettle is surprisingly easy to prepare, and the result is melt-in-the-mouth wonderful and soft!

The secret to the success of fudge is found in the kettle's ability to maintain gentle mixing and the desired heat in the jacket and, at the same time, monitor the temperature of the fudge itself. By varying the spices, you always get a new flavor from the delicacy.

Process Time: 30min

Easy cooking with Dieta Mixer Kettles

Add Ingredients

120 C
20 - Forward, long pause
20 - Forward, long pause
100 - Forward

Pour the fudge into containers

Ingredients - portions for 350 pcs / 10kg

  • Cane crystal sugar3,5 kg
  • Granulated sugar1,8 kg
  • Glucose syrup1,5 kg
  • Cream2kg
  • Butter1,5 kg


Step 1

  • Boiling the mixture
    Boil, stirring gently, until the fudge temperature reaches 115 degrees. Let it boil all the time briskly. Especially in smaller kettles, the mixture is ready quickly, even in less than 15 minutes, while larger kettles may take more time.
  • Long cooking time will result in crumbly fudge. Shortening the cooking time, however, results in the fudge not starting to harden as described.
  • Step 2

    • Cooling Down
      Let the fudge cool to 45-55 degrees.
    • Step 3

      • Stirring to fudge
        Start working the mixture from toffee into fudge! This means stirring for 10-15 minutes. At first, the mixture has a toffee-like shine, but the texture gradually becomes cloudy and lightens. The fudge is ready when it is almost sandy.
      • Step 4

        • Leave to set up
          Pour the fudge into the containers. Smooth the surface and let it harden for several hours or until the next day.
        • Serving
          Cut into pieces. If the pieces feel soft in your fingers, let the surface dry before packing.
Fudge video