Cruise Ships

Cruise ships can carry up to 7000 guests with over 2000 crew members, everyone expecting their daily meals throughout the day. The ship’s kitchen must constantly produce large quantities of food with uncompromised quality and safety.

To make this happen, the cruise ships’ kitchen has to operate all day in demanding conditions at sea. The staff needs to know that the equipment in the kitchen performs and keeps up. Equipment needs to provide constantly desired results with high food quality and safety. Dieta kettles have multiple features, some specific configuration options, and some customized ones, that make them a perfect fit for these environments.

Dieta kettles have proved their reliability and quality for strict requirements in the galley kitchens of cruise ships. The high capacity, efficiency, and ability to constantly produce the same high-quality results have ensured they can be trusted daily.

Daily Challenges and Needs



In demanding conditions with high production requirements, equipment needs to perform day after day.



There is a constant requirement for producing high-quality food every day.


Cost efficiency

Due to rising cost pressures, cost efficiency is more important every day.


Food safety

It is key to maintain high food hygiene and safety requirements on a daily basis.

As many as 1,000 servings or more in one batch

Capacity and flexibility

Whether you're cooking 1,000 portions of mashed potatoes, making 300 liters of soups, or mixing 50 kg of salad, you can do it all in one batch with the Dieta mixer kettle.

Capacity and flexibility


Efficient ways of working

Cooking programs guide work

Genier mixer kettle's cooking programs automate kettle operation and guide the cook in the process when necessary.

This ensures kitchen productivity and consistent meal quality while minimizing food wastage.

A kettle that you don't have to keep an eye on all the time

Concentrate on more important things

The kettle display features large icons and bright colors that enable cooks to check up on cooking status with a single glance, even from the other side of the kitchen. If necessary, the kettle tells the cook when action is required with alarms and alert colors.

Dont-have-to-keep-an eye-all-the-time

Dieta Mixer Kettle amanges its own maintenance

Take care of your investments

High-quality mixer kettle that manages its own maintenance

The kettle features maintenance assistants. They guide the user to carry out timely servicing – this efficiently keeps the kettle operational and costs under control.

Reliable design, where the kettle body is fully welded and does not have any unhygienic engravings or joints. The full-length axle of the mixer has no gaskets in the cooking area, and the lifting handle of the mixer tool is always readily accessible.