Kitchen Intelligence

When it comes to Dieta Genier kettles, they use intelligence as a skill to save resources, increase productivity in the kitchen and thus produce sustainably. Kettles are equipped with sensors that monitor the condition of the food and measure added water so the kettle can track cooking progress. This eliminates the inefficient process of checking up on the food over and over.

Precise control of temperature and water amount combined with an integrated mixer removes the need for constant manual tasks. Intelligent mixer kettle takes care of the cooking and automatically proceeds to the next steps as the chef has specified. With Genier mixer kettle even though the days may vary the results never.

Kitchen Intelligence for Professional Kitchens

Increased Efficiency


Improved food safety


Better daily routines


Automatic programs for standardization

Success for every user

The cooking programs of the Genier kettle guide both the user and kettle, ensuring consistently high-quality results with minimal energy consumption. Your own cooking programs are stored in the kettle's memory and can be transferred between kettles and computers.

  • The most frequently used programs can be transferred to the favorites folder
  • Genier's adaptive cooking programs adjust cooking in line with the selected production volume
  • Precise instructions can be added to programs to enable any user to effortlessly check progress on the recipe
  • Specific cooking options can be password-protected

Copy of Genier_controller-1080

HACCP LIVE reports automatically

Guarantees food safety

Each cooking program generates a production report (HACCP) that includes temperature information, cooking events, and itemized information on the kettle and cooking batch. The report is easy to integrate into the kitchen's self-monitoring measures. The report can be read in real-time straight from the display of the Genier kettle in HACCP LIVE mode without having to print it out unnecessarily.

Kitchen productivity and food safety with cook-chill

Cook and chill process with the kettle within one operation

Cooking followed by a chilling process is common in modern catering kitchens and in the food industries. Cook and chill production increase products shelf-life and kitchen productivity, because the workflow is more standardized and better organized.The Genier kettles are perfect for a kitchen with cook and chill production, supplying refrigerated food, as both the cooking and the chilling process take place directly in the kettle. The Dieta kettles chill food by circulating cold water in the kettle jacket.

Integrated Scale

Patented integrated scale

Save time & effort – weigh with the kettle

The scale function facilitates and speeds up cooking. The scale can be used both to weigh ingredients and to check the total weight of the completed product and serving portions.

Automatic washing programs

Easier to clean the kettle

Automatic washing programs eliminate as much as 20 minutes of time spent on the unergonomic scrubbing of internal surfaces during manual washing. The lid of the kettle can be either removed or rotated in place, making cleaning easy. Dieta's patented tool can be removed from the kettle in three lightweight pieces, which can be washed in 500x500 mm dish baskets.