Kettle Cooking

The modern professional kitchen must balance between the economy and the requirements for producing high-quality food. The best results come from a combination of top-quality ingredients, skilled kitchen staff, and versatile, cutting-edge equipment.

The mixer kettles offer a wide range of functions that simplify processes and reduce manual labour in the kitchen. All kinds of food, hot and cold, can be mixed efficiently and effortlessly with the integrated mixer. Thanks to their versatility, mixer kettles work perfectly in both fine dining and mass catering kitchens.

Increased efficiency


Consistent quality


Improved food safety


Dieta Mixer Kettle Cookbook

Inspiration, ideas and instructions for cooking with your Dieta mixer kettles! Find the most commonly used cooking procedures, range of preparation styles and hints on what you can make with your Dieta Mixer Kettle.

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Temperature control keeps the food at the desired temperature.

Precise temperature control ensures a suitable temperature for raising dough or making demanding foods, and prevents milk-based sauces, such as béchamel, from sticking to the kettle.Temperature control improves cooking results and saves energy, costs and the environment.


Automatic water flow facilitates cooking

The kettle body features a tap that makes it easy to add exactly the right amount of water during cooking without opening the lid. Desired water volume is saved into the cooking programs and it adapts automatically to the selected production volume.

Built-in mixer

Reduce manual work and save time

The automatic mixer free labor from manual work and constantly having to check on the kettle. Dieta mixer kettle features a variable mixing speed from 10 up to 200 rpm and seven different mixing modes, providing just the right kind of mixing for every recipe.

Dieta Genier middle mixer
Dieta Genier Mixer Tool

The unique Dieta Mixer tool

Versatile and consistent mixing

The mixing tool ensures consistent quality. The temperature and texture will be the same throughout. Dieta’s mixing tool has a patented three-part structure. Individual parts are easy to attach and remove, even when the kettle is being used. The standard mixing tool can be modified with special tools. This enables the kettle to be used in various kinds of recipes – from mixing salad and heavy masses to whipping desserts.

Automatic programmes for your favourite recipes

Success for every user

The cooking programmes of the Dieta Genier kettle direct both the user and kettle, ensuring consistently high-quality results with minimal energy consumption. Your own cooking programmes are stored in the kettle's memory and can be transferred between kettles and Computers.

Successful cooks

Automatic washing programmes

Easier to clean the kettle

Automatic washing programmes eliminate as much as 20 minutes of time spent on the unergonomic scrubbing of internal surfaces during manual washing. The lid of the kettle can be either removed or rotated in place, making cleaning easy. Dieta's patented tool can be removed from the kettle in three lightweight pieces, which can be washed in 500x500 mm dish baskets.

Freestanding Dieta installation

Effortless to install, easy to change

Dieta has used a freestanding model for over ten years – it is the fastest and most versatile and economical way of installing a mixer kettle.There is no need to drill holes into the floor and the kettle can be moved easily without having to renovate.

Genier free standing