Cook and Chill

The Cook & Chill process is becoming more and more common in professional kitchens. Cooked products are rapidly chilled to cross the temperature zone 70 ºC to 10 ºC, where there is a risk of food contamination. Subsequently, they are stored at an ideal temperature until they are required again. This provides savings in workflow management, as it is possible to use downtime or quiet periods to prepare the food for the rest of the week.

Dieta Mixer kettles are perfect for a kitchen that operates the cook-chill method and supplies chilled food as both cooking and chilling processes take place directly in the kettle. Chilling with Dieta mixer kettle is ridiculously straightforward. It is either activated from a push of a button or as part of an automated cooking program.

Efficient cooling of the food is generated by circulating cold water in the jacket of the Dieta mixer kettle. The sides of the kettle chill the food at the same than the Dieta mixing tool stirs the food slowly so that the cold is distributed evenly throughout the food.

Daily Challenges and Needs


Chilling performance

Time spent on chilling is constantly monitored. On one hand by safety regulations and on the other by optimizing process time.


Food safety

It is key to have efficient cooling to ensure food safety and have correct records to fulfill safety requirements.


Kitchen workflow

Optimized and straightforward workflows are what enable the kitchen to be efficient and produce food to a consistently high standard.


Health and safety of staff

Staff well-being, motivation, and performance are the key factors for kitchen profitability.

Straightforward workflow

Chilling with Dieta kettle is ridiculously straightforward. Chilling is either activated from a push button in the display or as part of an automated cooking program - no hoses to attach or no extra devices to put in the kettle.

As chilling can be performed as part of an automated cooking program it reduces steps in the kitchen workflow and optimizes the use of resources.

Chilling - automated cooking - dessert

Chilling water flows through the central axel.

Powerful chilling is the key

The high flow of chilled water through the kettle jacket combined with effective mixing produces a powerful cooling effect. In addition to cooling the inner surface of the kettle, in the Dieta mixer kettle, the water also flows through the central axle of the mixer, adding some 10% to the total cooling surface area. This valuable feature is unique for Dieta mixer kettles.

Effective chilling ensures that the cooked products are rapidly chilled across the temperature zone from 70 ºC to 10 ºC, where there is a risk of food contamination. Shelf life, quality, and food safety are determined by the time spent chilling and the final food temperature.

Food safety and hygienic

The Dieta kettles allow automatic chilling after cooking without any need to touch or move the food. This increases safety, as it minimizes the amount of staff’s direct contact with the food.

Cook and chill process is dependent on the time when food crosses the temperature zone with a risk of food contamination. High-performance chilling of Dieta mixer kettles minimizes time in this temperature zone. To facilitate the quality assurance of food Dieta kettles have temperature monitoring and recording possibilities for the HACCP system.

Copy of Genier_Dieta tool_1 4

Tilting makes working with kettle more ergonomic than working with non-tilting kettle.

Ergonomics and safety

The Dieta kettles allow automatic chilling after cooking without any need to handle additional tools or move the hot food. This saves a lot of time, increases safety, and improves ergonomics, as it minimizes the amount of heavy lifting that the staff has to do during the cooking process.