Our Values

Our Values ​​and Responsibilities

Days may vary - results never

Our operations are guided by our values, which are the customer first, a brave forerunner, and the best attitude. The most important value for us is to always think of the customer first, to make his daily life easier, and to support his success. We dare to be bold forerunners and are constantly developing our products, expertise, and services. The best attitude helps us achieve our goals and encourage each other to succeed.


Our Passion

Our passions are Mixer kettles - providing our customers with the best solutions to produce consistently high-quality meals in the most efficient way and make every day for kitchen staff easier and safer.

We have succeeded when the customer is satisfied with the new Dieta kettle.

We manufacture each new Dieta kettle in our own production and just for this one customer. We in our production are involved in the manufacture of the kettle from start to finish and we ensure it is produced with the highest quality and for this customer according to his selected details. We personally check the safety and functions of this kettle before it leaves for the customer.


ISO 9001:2015 Quality Certificate

We are known for our high-quality products that we work hard to provide. Customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of our quality development, we follow our quality policy, and we are committed to continuous quality assurance and improvement. 

View the quality policy: Dietatec's Quality PolicyISO 9001

 We are certified by the International Quality standard ISO 900:2015. The quality assurance system covers all our operations: production, designing, sales, after-sales, and administration processes.

View the certificate: ISO 9001:2015


The strongest in Finland PLATINUM certificateThe Strongest In Finland Platinum 2012-2021

Dietatec has obtained the high Rating Alfa credit classification in multiple consecutive years and is thus entitled to The strongest in Finland PLATINIUM certificate. 

The classification is proof of the company's long-term excellent financial key ratios, positive background information, and good payment behavior.

View the certificate: The strongest in Finland PLATINIUM


Constant Achiever Certificate

Dietatec is rated as Constant Achiever 2019-2021. As for three consecutive years, we have earned the Achiever Certificate, which is a certificate granted by the biggest Finnish financial and business media Kauppalehti. We Constant Achiever Companies are among the ones that financial professionals have found to perform better than their peers. Between 2019–2021 only about 3% of Finnish limited companies were Constant Achiever companies! 

The Achiever mark is a guarantee of quality and reliability. It shows at a glance that the company knows how to take good care of customers, business, and personnel.



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Responsibility in Ecology

All our kettles are developed and manufactured at our factory in Helsinki, Finland – something of which we are very proud. As Finns, we jointly bear the responsibility for our society, which is why we’re constantly striving to improve our products and pay special attention to their environmental friendliness and energy efficiency.

In all respects, we design Dieta kettles to minimize their carbon footprint, starting with design and material selection, and continuing with audits of sub-contractors and the manufacturing process.

In addition to multiple features saving in energy and water, also recyclable materials make up more than 90% of the kettles!


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