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Genier ACE

Genier GO!

Product Videos

HubSpot Video

Dieta Genier ACE

See Dieta Genier ACE in action from the beginning of cooking to washing and cleaning the kettle.

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Dieta Mixer Tool

Versatile mixer tool makes cooking easier than you could ever imagine! Stir, mash, whisk and even wash the kettle with it.

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Cleaning with Washing Tool

Tired of rubbing and brushing when washing your pans? Don't worry - your Dieta mixer kettle does it all by it self!

Dieta Mixer Kettle Cookbook

Inspiration, ideas and instructions for cooking with your Dieta mixer kettles! Find the most commonly used cooking procedures, range of preparation styles and hints on what you can make with your Dieta Mixer Kettle.

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Mixer Kettle Operations

Increase the level of food safety and productivity of your kitchen with detailed knowhow of operating with your mixer kettles.

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Temperature Controls

The precise temperature control of Dieta Mixer Kettles makes your cooking simple and effective. Learn more about temperature controls from the guide.

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