Ergonomic Workflow

Ergonomics is one of the main themes in today’s discussion of workplaces. In the professional kitchen, there are multiple benefits to get out of ergonomically designed equipment. Especially, when we consider mixer kettles or other heavy cooking equipment producing high volumes of quality food constantly. Kitchen management is responsible for the quality of food produced to the client but they also are in charge of a staff whose well-being and performance is a key factor for kitchen profitability. It is clear that ergonomic equipment helps with this.

In Genier mixer kettles there are multiple details that are designed with ergonomics in mind - from the integrated mixer to the location of controllers to the lid that can be removed or rotated in place. With these features, it just takes less time to perform standard operations. Better designed operations with the intelligence of the Genier kettle will streamline kitchen workflow, resulting in drop in human errors. Same time, ergonomic workflows, automation, and reduced manual work not only minimize the risk of single-injury episodes but the staff is also less likely to experience other work-related fatigue. The team will stay motivated thanks to equipment that improves their everyday tasks!

Days may vary - results never.

Reduced workload


Save time


Motivated team


Automation handles progress in cooking

Lightens staff workload

Automatic cooking programmes provide guidance and handle work steps during cooking – the cook can concentrate on more demanding tasks. Thanks to the versatile features of the Genier ACE kettle, cooks no longer have to unnecessarily transfer foods and carry out manual tasks, reducing their work burden during the day.

Cooking with Dieta kettle 1080x810

Designed for people using the latest technology

Working conditions matter

  • Thanks to the low edge of the kettle and its high tilting height of 600 mm, it is easier to work in an ergonomic position
  • A foot pedal (available as an accessory) reduces the need for the cook to turn while adding ingredients and emptying the kettle
  • The controller displays information clearly, reducing the need to keep an eye on it
  • The kettle lid features a large opening that enables the cook to add ingredients with the lid closed
  • Water is added automatically without the need to open the lid
  • Lid is lighter to open – the lid handle is not positioned above the hot cooking steam

Automated washing programs and a rotating lid

Cleaning made easier

It is easy to wash the kettle with automated washing programs and special washing tools. They eliminate the need for hand washing, saving up to 20 minutes every time. Furthermore, the use of water and detergent is reduced by 80%, and the total washing time is reduced by up to 45 minutes. You can rotate the lid of the kettle in place, making it easy to clean. The lid can also be removed for washing if required. The three-part mixing tool is easy to remove from the kettle, and the individual parts can be washed in a dishwasher.

Copy of Genier_Dieta tool-1080

Dieta mixing tool

Tool is effortless to use

Dieta's mixing tool has a unique three-part structure. The cook does not need to operate a bulky and cumbersome mixing tool. Instead, the separate parts of the Dieta tool are easy to attach and detach as necessary for different mixing steps.

Easy to use – see key information at a glance

Equipment should be fun to use

The basic display of Dieta kettles has been designed for you. The key cooking information can be read from a distance.Whenever choices have to be made, the kettle displays the options. The kettle is easy to operate with the swipe of a finger.

Copy of Genier_controller-1080

A kettle that you don't have to keep an eye on all the time

Concentrate on more important things

The kettle display features large icons and bright colours that enable cooks to check up on cooking status with a single glance, even from the other side of the kitchen. If necessary, the kettle tells the cook when action is required with alarms and alert colours.