Genier 360°Sense

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Unparalleled measurement

The Genier 360Sense constantly measures temperature in four different measurement points. This ensures precise control over your cooking.



The Genier 360Sense measurement rotates among the food. It travels with the mixer tool, so you can always ensure every area of the kettle is covered with measurement.


Wireless temperature

Effective wireless connection to the Genier ACE controller enables the transfer of the precise core temperature inside the kettle also with the lid closed.


High food quality

Say goodbye to inconsistent cooking. Genier 360Sense guarantees that your dishes turn out consistently delicious every day, with the right level of cooking at the right temperature.


Extreme food safety

e wireless core temperature measurement system enhances food safety by securing that the food throughout is at the temperature wanted.


Plug & Play

The sensor connects wirelessly to kettle for simple use. For heating or chilling you maintain the option to use whichever of Genier's temperature control modes.

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Dieta Mixer Kettle Operations

Increase the level of food safety and productivity of your kitchen with detailed knowhow of operating with your mixer kettles.

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Enhance Culinary Precision with Dieta Genier Kettles: Mastering Temperature for Seamless Excellence

When it comes to Dieta Genier kettles, they harness the power of intelligence to conserve resources, enhance kitchen productivity, and promote sustainability. Equipped with sensors that continuously monitor food conditions and measure added water, these kettles keep a vigilant eye on the cooking process, eliminating the need for repetitive checks.

The precision in temperature control and water measurement, complemented by an integrated mixer, eradicates the necessity for ongoing manual tasks. The intelligent mixer kettle manages the cooking process seamlessly, advancing to the next stages as per the chef's specifications.

With Genier mixer kettle even though the days may vary the results never.