School Catering

Freshness and Quality Every Day

The quality of catering in schools is essential for children’s healthy development and teaching them the importance of a balanced diet. Whether the food is produced locally or in a centralized unit, today the menu has more variety than before, young customers demand better tasty, their parents expect higher nutritious values, and the requirements for production volumes without increased cost remains.

Mixer kettle is one answer to this challenge.

In centralized units with high volumes and even with multiple production methods, the intelligent technology of Dieta Genier supports this by taking on work with automated processes and producing the desired results time and time again. In smaller kitchens, the unique Dieta Mixer tool provides flexibility with a variety of recipes. One day it makes the main soup, the next day whips the desserts, and the day after that it mix the pasta salad

Daily Challenges and Needs


Flexibility and capacity

Requirements to produce a higher variety of meals still in high capacity.


Cost efficiency

Due to rising cost pressures, cost efficiency is more important every day.



There is a constant requirement for producing high-quality food every day.



Customers expect every kitchen to take responsibility for the environment and resources

Automatic programs for your favorite recipes

Success for every user

The cooking programs of the Dieta Genier kettle direct both the user and kettle, ensuring consistently high-quality results with minimal energy consumption. Your own cooking programs are stored in the kettle's memory and can be transferred between kettles and computers.

  • The most frequently used programs can be transferred to the favorites folder
  • Genier's adaptive cooking programs adjust cooking in line with the selected batch size
  • Precise instructions can be added to programs to enable any user to effortlessly check progress on the recipe
  • Specific cooking options can be password-protected

Copy of Genier_Dieta tool_1 3


Efficient ways of working

Cooking programs guide work

Genier mixer kettle's cooking programs automate kettle operation and guide the cook in the process when necessary.

This ensures kitchen productivity and consistent meal quality while minimizing food wastage.

The unique Dieta Mixer tool

Versatile and consistent mixing

The mixing tool ensures consistent quality. The temperature and texture will be the same throughout. Dieta’s mixing tool has a patented three-part structure. Individual parts are easy to attach and remove, even when the kettle is being used. The standard mixing tool can be modified with special tools. This enables the kettle to be used in various kinds of recipes – from mixing salad and heavy masses to whipping desserts.

Dieta Genier mixer tool

MI-MX Washing tool with central pillar brush

Automatic washing programmes

Easier to clean the kettle

Automatic washing programmes eliminate as much as 20 minutes of time spent on the unergonomic scrubbing of internal surfaces during manual washing. The lid of the kettle can be either removed or rotated in place, making cleaning easy. Dieta's patented tool can be removed from the kettle in three lightweight pieces, which can be washed in 500x500 mm dish baskets.

Designed for people using the latest technology.

Working conditions matter

  • Thanks to the low edge of the kettle and its high tilting height of 600 mm, it is easier to work in an ergonomic position
  • A foot pedal (available as an accessory) reduces the need for the cook to turn while adding ingredients and emptying the kettle
  • The controller displays information clearly, reducing the need to keep an eye on it
  • The kettle lid features a large opening that enables the cook to add ingredients with the lid closed
  • Water is added automatically without the need to open the lid
  • Lid is lighter to open – the lid handle is not positioned above the hot cooking steam

Genier kettle lid closed