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Dieta Chef develops working methods and tasty foods —
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Dieta Corporate Executive Chef, a.k.a. Dieta Chef, acts as an industry developer, educator, and innovator —  and helps customers prepare tasty foods easier than ever before. If you want to use modern techniques on a familiar recipe throw the challenge at the Dieta Chef. Dieta’s demo-kitchen is there to test and help.

Dieta Chef Vesa Saaristo

Dieta Chef Vesa Saaristo

Dieta Chef, Vesa Saaristo, loves cooking challenges. He likes to find new ways with which familiar and a bit more exotic recipes transform into easily preparable portions.

Vesa’s road to Dieta Chef and an industry developer has travelled through cruise ship kitchens to Finnair catering, known for their excellent aeroplane food, and from there to Dietatec. Throughout the way he has been familiarized with feeding big crowds, working in a la carte -kitchens, as well as catering for heads of state. Unifying factors in all of these jobs have been providing good food and a functioning kitchen behind the food.

“Heavy Metal Man” knows working methods, networks, and developing equipment

Vesa Saaristo first joined Dieta as a district sales manager in 2007. Thus he knows Dieta’s devices, environments of use, and equipment development, as well as a nice bunch of chefs, cooks and developers already form his “heavy metal man” times, as he himself calls the time he spent with equipment.

Saaristo has been working as Dieta’s own full time cook for just over seven years. Despite the years there has not been what he would call a typical workday. About 80% of his time is spent in the kitchen - most often in Dietatec’s own demo-kitchen - developing food. The demo-kitchen can have groups visiting getting to know the equipment and working methods: and preparing food and have a little chat at the same time. A day with a customer can be spent e.g. testing some recipe or possibly modeling a kitchen for the customer. When it’s possible to travel Saaristo also visits customers’ to guide them. He works gladly with future cooks and educational establishments.


"Tell me a problem and I will find a solution."


Dieta’s demo-kitchen – In Helsinki and an internet connection away

All of Dieta’s most popular kettles and accessories can be found in Dieta’s demo-kitchen. Additionally for cooking there is a grill, an oven, a deep-fryer, an ice-cream machine - it is clear after all that this is a professional kitchen. “Kitchens change and we try to also keep our demo-kitchen up to date”, notes Saaristo.

The demo-kitchen is used to develop food, but also to demonstrate the best ways to prepare food. “Customers want to come and see how the equipment works. Then it is good to prepare food that is compatible with the customer’s kitchen”, says Saaristo. Today it is also possible to demonstrate working with Dieta kettles via video. Interactive live-cooking sessions have been organized with webinars. Demonstration works well with this method, also.

Dieta Chef receives a lot of questions to which he ponders answers, tests different methods, and creates new recipes. He also creates a lot of different kinds of materials and guides. Saaristo says about his work: “Tell me a problem and I will find a solution”.

Working methods are easy to learn

Saaristo thinks that working with the modern Dieta mixer kettle device is always easy and simple and the working methods can be learned in a few weeks. Changing attitudes, however, is harder. To change working methods in a kitchen you’ll need the whole crew. That is why it is recommendable to show in practice how the kitchen in question can benefit for moden equipment.

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