Institutional Catering

Catering providers for institutions such as day-cares, schools, and hospitals as well as correctional facilities, are increasingly having to deal with high-cost pressure and lack of skilled labor. At the same time, there are high expectations for food safety and nutritional values of the meals served.

Dieta mixer kettles are a great tool to help with this. They are equipped with built-in food mixers, automatic cooking programs, and when needed with high-performance cooling for cook and chill production. Intelligent Genier kettle helps to standardize kitchen workflows with automated processes and by producing the desired results time and time again.

Daily Challenges and Needs

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High capacity requirements

The production volumes are increasing and require the use of different production methods.


Cost efficiency

Due to rising cost pressures, cost efficiency is more important every day.



There is a constant requirement for producing high-quality food every day.


Shortage of skilled Staff

It is constantly harder and harder to find trained specialists for professional kitchens.

Better Cost Control for Professional Kitchens

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Day Care


Criminal Sanctions Agency


Residential Homes

Military Forces

Military Forces

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Efficient ways of working

Cooking programs guide work

Genier mixer kettle's cooking programs automate kettle operation and guide the cook in the process when necessary.

This ensures kitchen productivity and consistent meal quality while minimizing food wastage.

Automatic programs for your favorite recipes

Success for every user

The cooking programs of the Dieta Genier kettle direct both the user and kettle, ensuring consistently high-quality results with minimal energy consumption. Your own cooking programs are stored in the kettle's memory and can be transferred between kettles and computers.

  • The most frequently used programs can be transferred to the favorites folder
  • Genier's adaptive cooking programs adjust cooking in line with the selected batch size
  • Precise instructions can be added to programs to enable any user to effortlessly check progress on the recipe
  • Specific cooking options can be password-protected

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As many as 1,000 servings or more in one batch

Capacity and flexibility

Whether you're cooking 1,000 portions of mashed potatoes, making 300 liters of soups, or mixing 50 kg of salad, you can do it all in one batch with the Dieta mixer kettle.

HACCP LIVE reports automatically

Guarantees food safety

Each cooking program generates a production report (HACCP) that includes temperature information, cooking events, and itemized information on the kettle and cooking batch. The report is easy to integrate into the kitchen's self-monitoring measures. The report can be read in real-time straight from the display of the Genier kettle in HACCP LIVE mode without having to print it out unnecessarily.

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Daily savings of up to 40% on electricity and 35% on water*

Use resources wisely

An energy-efficient value above 95%** is achieved by the kettle’s clever design combined with food temperature control, ensuring the right amount of energy is used.

When heating happens only when needed, it prevents products from sticking, which makes cleaning the kettle easier. Using the automatic washing program will achieve water and detergent savings of up to 80% – every wash.

* Compared to a traditional boiling pan without cooking programs, food temperature-based heating control or an integrated agitator.
** EFCEM: Energy Efficiency Standard for boiling pans or equivalent

Kitchen productivity and food safety with cook-chill

Cook and chill process with the kettle within one operation

Cooking followed by a chilling process is common in modern catering kitchens and in the food industries. Cook and chill production increase products’ shelf-life and kitchen productivity because the workflow is more standardized and better organized.

The Genier kettles are perfect for a kitchen with cook and chill production, supplying refrigerated food, as both the cooking and the chilling process take place directly in the kettle. The Dieta kettles chill food by circulating cold water in the kettle jacket.

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Designed for people using the latest technology.

Working conditions matter

  • Thanks to the low edge of the kettle and its high tilting height of 600 mm, it is easier to work in an ergonomic position
  • A foot pedal (available as an accessory) reduces the need for the cook to turn while adding ingredients and emptying the kettle
  • The controller displays information clearly, reducing the need to keep an eye on it
  • The kettle lid features a large opening that enables the cook to add ingredients with the lid closed
  • Water is added automatically without the need to open the lid
  • Lid is lighter to open – the lid handle is not positioned above the hot cooking steam