Enjoy cooking with Dieta mixer kettles

Enjoy cooking with Dieta mixer kettles

At Dieta, food is our passion, and our mission is to make preparing the healthiest and tastiest foods achievable as easy and effective as possible. We have spent years developing the most suitable tools to perfect the work flow and processes of professional kitchens. With our mixer kettles any professional kitchen — regardless of size, location, or the size of personnel — can produce the most satisfactory meals for their customers. With the flexibility that Dieta's mixer kettles provide the menu on offer can be as wide or narrow as needed. Complete your kitchen with passion, complete your kitchen with Dieta kettles.

The Dieta Chef - Vesa Saaristo

Dieta Corporate Executive Chef, a.k.a. Dieta Chef, Vesa Saaristo, helps our customers to prepare tasty foods easier than ever before. If you want to use modern techniques on a familiar recipe throw the challenge at the Dieta Chef. Dieta’s demo-kitchen is there to test and help.

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Get to Know the Intelligent Dieta Genier ACE

Get inspired from the easy way to prepare food

Dieta's intelligent kettles are the easiest and most cost-effective way to prepare large quantities of quality food in any professional kitchen. With our team of passionate designers, manufacturers, cooks, and food testers we have made the perfect tool to achieve those goals. Take part in leading the innovation of kitchen equipment industry with Dieta kettles.


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