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Food temperature measurement

Genier 360°Sense allows for wireless core temperature measurement in a kettle with a constantly rotating stirrer among the food. Temperature is measured at four different points, ensuring perfect results every time. 

Strainer Plate

The strainer plate is practical aid when water in the kettle is drained from potatoes, pasta, vegetables, etc.

The rim edge of kettle is designed to keep the strainer plate in place while the kettle is tilted for emptying.


Mixer Tool Trolley

The tool trolley provides movable storage for your mixer tool parts and accessories for the kettle such as special mixing tools, washing tools, and strainer plate.

Mixer Tool Wall Bracket

The Wall bracket provides storage next to the kettle for your mixer tools attachments such as special mixing tools and washing tools.


GN-tray Holder

GN tray can aid when emptying the product from the kettle to GN containers and when pouring ingredients to the kettle.

The tray is locked in the kettle rim and it remains in a horizontal position during kettle tilting. This enables the pouring of product from the kettle to the GN container placed in the tray.

GN-tray Trolley

GN-tray trolley helps you by holding the GN container when pouring product out of the kettle. It can be used to move the container without carrying it.

GN-tray trolley tool

The Measurement Stick

Measurement stick is a practical aid to measure the kettle content.
It has a fine-scale for accurate measurement.