Consistency and versatility are key to a successful operation of a modern professional kitchen. On one hand, you need to deliver a delicious and consistent product to keep customers happy, while at the same time, being flexible and able to adapt to the new ideas in the menu. The best results come from a combination of top-quality ingredients, skilled kitchen staff, and versatile, cutting-edge equipment.

The Genier kettle and its highly efficient mixing with the Dieta Mixer Tool allow for incredible flexibility and makes it incredibly versatile and equally well suited for preparing both chilled and hot food.

Versatility for the Modern Professional Kitchens

Optimized space


Motivated team


Consistent quality


Soups and sauces

The automated cooking programs guarantee consistently high-quality soups and sauces.


Favorite soup recipe
Mashed potatoes


Cook the ingredients in the kettle and then let its powerful stirrer mash them – there's no need for extra steps or tools.



Mixing salads

The kettle features unique special tools that make it simple to combine and toss ingredients - like salads without damaging delicate ingredients.


Desert made by Dieta


Mixing kettles are well suited for making desserts.

By using the whipping plate, ingredients can be whipped at high speeds right inside the kettle. The precise temperature control will prevent even milk-based products from burning and sticking to the kettle.


Cook-cold applications

Powerful mixing and Dieta's unique adapting tool are well suited for the needs of cook-cold kitchens.  By pressing a button or optional foot pedal, the mixing tool can be kept rotating at slow speeds, even when the lid is open.


Melting chocolate

The precise temperature control makes even challenging tasks such as melting chocolate no problem for the Dieta Genier.

The unique Dieta mixer tool

Versatile and consistent mixing

The mixing tool ensures consistent quality. The temperature and texture will be the same throughout. Dieta’s mixing tool has a patented three-part structure. Individual parts are easy to attach and remove, even when the kettle is being used. The standard mixing tool can be modified with special tools. This enables the kettle to be used in various kinds of recipes – from mixing salad and heavy masses to whipping desserts.

Copy of Genier_Dieta tool-1080

As many as 1,000 servings or more in one batch

Capacity and flexibility

Whether you're cooking 1,000 portions of mashed potatoes, making 300 liters of soups, or mixing 50 kg of salad, you can do it all in one batch with the Dieta multipurpose kettle.


Volume 40 L 60 L 80 L 100 L 150 L 200 L 300 L
Typical number of meals 100–140 160–220 220–300 260–360 400–560 550–760 780–1090

Dieta Mixer Kettle Cookbook

Inspiration, ideas and instructions for cooking with your Dieta mixer kettles! Find the most commonly used cooking procedures, range of preparation styles and hints on what you can make with your Dieta Mixer Kettle.

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