Cost Control & Efficiency

Professional kitchens must balance between economy and tasty food

The modern professional kitchen must balance between economy and the requirements for producing high-quality and healthy food. The best results come from a combination of top-quality ingredients, skilled kitchen staff, and versatile, cutting-edge equipment.

The intelligent technology of the Genier mixer kettle will answer this by taking on manual work and producing desired results every time. Automation makes working simple and profitable in professional kitchens, as automated cooking processes ensure high productivity and consistent meal quality. Dieta mixer kettles are equipped with built-in food mixers, automated control of cooking, and high-performance cooling that make them incredibly versatile and equally well suited for preparing both chilled and hot foods.

Better Cost Control for Professional Kitchens

Up to 55% cost savings

Cost savings

2 hours saved time


Consistent quality every day


Efficient ways of working

Cooking programs guide the work

Genier mixer kettle's cooking programs automate kettle operation and guide the cook in the process when necessary. 

This ensures kitchen productivity and consistent meal quality while minimizing food wastage.

Dieta Efficient ways of working
Capacity and flexibility

As many as 1,000 servings or more in one batch

Capacity and flexibility

Whether you're cooking 1,000 portions of mashed potatoes, making 300 liters of soups, or mixing 50 kg of salad, you can do it all in one batch with the Dieta multipurpose kettle.

Daily savings of up to 40% on electricity and 35% on water*

Use resources wisely

An energy-efficient value above 95%** is achieved by the kettle’s clever design combined with food temperature control, ensuring the right amount of energy is used.

When heating happens only when needed, it prevents products from sticking, which makes cleaning the kettle easier. Using the automatic washing program will achieve water and detergent savings of up to 80% – every wash.

* Compared to a traditional boiling pan without cooking programs, food temperature-based heating control or an integrated agitator.
** EFCEM: Energy Efficiency Standard for boiling pans or equivalent

daily savings
Cooking with Dieta kettle 1080x810

Up to 2 hours more working time per day*

More time to your day

Automatic cooking and washing programs free kitchen staff from manual work and constantly having to check on the kettle. The kettle knows when to call for the personnel.

The Dieta mixer kettles allow the chef and staff to concentrate on the more important things in the kitchen.

* Compared to a traditional boiling pan without cooking programs, food temperature-based heating control or an integrated agitator.

Take care of your investment

High-quality mixer kettle that manages its own maintenance

The kettle features maintenance assistants. They guide the user to carry out timely servicing – this efficiently keeps the kettle operational and costs under control.

Reliable design, where the kettle body is fully welded and does not have any unhygienic engravings or joints.

The full-length axle of the mixer has no gaskets in the cooking area, and the lifting handle of the mixer tool is always readily accessible.


Kitchen productivity and food safety with cook-chill

Cook and chill process with the kettle within one operation

Cooking followed by a chilling process is common in modern catering kitchens and in the food industries.

Cook and chill production increase products’ shelf-life and kitchen productivity because the workflow is more standardized and better organized.

The Genier kettles are perfect for a kitchen with cook and chill production, supplying refrigerated food, as both the cooking and the chilling process take place directly in the kettle. The Dieta kettles chill food by circulating cold water in the kettle jacket.


case 1 benefit


Energy-efficient food temperature control plus mixing save on heating energy consumption.

Cooking programmes and automation largely free kitchen staff from manual work and having to constantly monitor the kettle.


Energy consumption savings of as much as 40%

Time savings of as much as 63% for kitchen staff

case 2 benefit

Kettle cleaning

Thanks to automatic washing programmes, the kettle does not need to be soaked before washing.

Automatic washing programmes substantially reduce the need for manual scrubbing and save an average of 20 minutes of staff working time during each wash.


Water consumption savings of as much as 80%

As much as 67% less work time needed for washing

The example in the table is one 200-litre Dieta multipurpose kettle used to cook 1,800 portions of mashed potatoes each day over a period of one year (220 working days).