Dieta Videos

See Dieta Mixer Kettles in Action

 Looking for instructions to use your Dieta Mixer Kettles or want to see the kettles in action? Either way, we have made videos to give you ideas and inspiration of using your Dieta Mixer Kettles - or simply show you why the world's smartest kettle should be your first choice.


Get to Know Dieta Genier ACE

See Dieta Genier ACE in action from the beginning of cooking to washing and cleaning the kettle.

Get to Know Dieta Soupper

Operational instructions for Dieta Soupper.

Get to Know Dieta MI-MX

Operational instructions for Dieta MI-MX.

Dieta Genier - How to Remove the Lid

Remove the lid with only few movements. Be careful if the lid is still hot!

Dieta Genier - How to Rotate the Lid

Rotating the lid comes handy when cleaning your Genier.

Dieta Mixer Tool

Get to Know Dieta Mixer Tool

Versatile mixer tool makes cooking easier than you could ever imagine! Stir, mash, whisk and even wash the kettle with it.

How to Change Tools

Blink of an eye and the tool is swapped to another.

How to Use the Washing Tool

Tired of rubbing and brushing when washing your pans? Don't worry - your Dieta mixer kettle does it all by it self!

For Chefs

Mashed Potatoes

Cabbage Casserolle



Ragú alla Bolognese

Bread Dough


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