Food Processing

Food processing and production can vary from industrial settings to artisan production, but one thing is common for all. The raw materials are transformed to form it can be further utilized - fillings in bakery, sauces for further use, or something else. One thing is common for all these, the key is to optimize the process for consistent and high quality with maximized efficiency.

The intelligent technology of Dieta Genier supports this by taking on work with automated processes and producing the desired results time and time again. It provides flexibility to find the best process, as thanks to an integrated mixer and option with high-performance cooling it can produce both chilled and hot foods. The unique Dieta Mixer tool provides even greater flexibility with a variety of processes

Daily Challenges and Needs


High capacity requirements

The production volumes are increasing and require the use of different production methods.



There is a constant requirement for producing high-quality food every day.


Cost efficiency

Due to rising cost pressures, cost efficiency is more important every day.



Customers expect every kitchen to take responsibility for the environment and resources.

Better Cost Control for Professional Kitchens


Artisan food production






Sauce production

Daily savings of up to 40% on electricity and 35% on water*

Use resources wisely

An energy-efficient value above 95%** is achieved by the kettle’s clever design combined with food temperature control, ensuring the right amount of energy is used.

When heating happens only when needed, it prevents products from sticking, which makes cleaning the kettle easier. Using the automatic washing program will achieve water and detergent savings of up to 80% – every wash.

* Compared to a traditional boiling pan without cooking programs, food temperature-based heating control or an integrated agitator.
** EFCEM: Energy Efficiency Standard for boiling pans or equivalent

Use recourses wisely with the help of intelligent Dieta kettle

As many as 1,000 servings or more in one batch

Capacity and flexibility

Whether you're cooking 1,000 portions of mashed potatoes, making 300 liters of soups, or mixing 50 kg of salad, you can do it all in one batch with the Dieta mixer kettle.

The unique Dieta Mixer tool

Versatile and consistent mixing

The mixing tool ensures consistent quality. The temperature and texture will be the same throughout. Dieta’s mixing tool has a patented three-part structure. Individual parts are easy to attach and remove, even when the kettle is being used. The standard mixing tool can be modified with special tools. This enables the kettle to be used in various kinds of recipes – from mixing salad and heavy masses to whipping desserts.

Dieta mixer tool ensures consistent quality and enables the kettle to be used in various needs.
Tilting kettle with intelligent display

Easy to use – see key information at a glance

Equipment should be fun to use

The basic display of Dieta kettles has been designed for cooks. The key cooking information can be read from a distance. Whenever choices have to be made, the kettle displays the options. The kettle is easy to operate with the swipe of a finger.

A kettle that you don't have to keep an eye on all the time

Concentrate on more important things

The kettle display features large icons and bright colors that enable cooks to check up on cooking status with a single glance, even from the other side of the kitchen. If necessary, the kettle tells the cook when action is required with alarms and alert colors.

Dont-have-to-keep-an eye-all-the-time
Dieta kettle's lifting handle and large screen.

Take care of your investments

High-quality mixer kettle that manages its own maintenance

The kettle features maintenance assistants. They guide the user to carry out timely servicing – this efficiently keeps the kettle operational and costs under control.

Reliable design, where the kettle body is fully welded and does not have any unhygienic
engravings or joints. The full-length axle of the mixer has no gaskets in the cooking area, and the lifting handle of the mixer tool is always readily accessible.

Patented integrated scale

Save time & effort – weigh with the kettle

The scale function facilitates and speeds up cooking. The scale can be used both to weigh ingredients and to check the total weight of the completed product and serving portions.

With scale function ingredients can be added and measured at the same time.