Mashed potatoes in mixer kettle

Mashed potatoes - the creamy and smooth classic that accompany so many dishes and brings memories even from childhood family dinners. When preparing mashed potatoes in a large kitchen for hundreds of people both recipe and equipment need to make it possible to easily achieve that wonderful smooth and creamy texture and taste we want to bring to our customers plate. Here is our chef’s recipe to prepare the best mashed potatoes by using your Dieta mixer kettle.

Process Time: 75 min

Easy cooking with Dieta Mixer Kettles
- Tools min. 150 l mixer kettle & standard mixer tool

40 L

Draw water out using a strainer plate


Add Milk


Add Butter


Ingredients for 100 kg

  • Potatoes 80 kg
  • Milk 20 liter
  • Butter 3 kg
  • Water40 liter
  • Salt


Step 1

  • Cook potatoes
    Place your mixing tool in the mixer kettle. Add potatoes and fill the kettle with water so that the potatoes are barely covered.Adjust the mixer for the right program.Boil potatoes at +90 - 96°C approximately 30 min or when thoroughly cooked.
  • Step 2

    • Draw out water & mash potatoes
      When the potatoes are cooked place the strainer plate. Leave the mixer tool in its place. NOTE: mixer tool is hot - avoid touching it or use a suitable protective covering. Draw water out by using the strainer plate and by tilting the kettle. After the water has been drawn out raise the mixer kettle up to the cooking position. Close the lid. Adjust the mixer for the right program. Turn on the mixer and let the potatoes mash approximately 10-15 min
    • Step 3

      • Add milk or cream
        Add milk or cream to the mashed potatoes.Adjust the mixer for the right program.Let ingredients mix approximately 4 min.
      • Step 4

        • Add butter and salt
          Add butter and salt.Adjust the mixer for the right program.Let the mashed potatoes smoothen up approximately 11 min in 90°C heat.Test the taste.
Mashed Potatoes Tutorial