Delicious & Creamy Pasta Salad

Delicious, creamy, and extremely simple to make pasta salad made by Dieta Mixing Tool just in a few minutes... Something that no other Mixer Kettle can do.

Dieta's unique tools Mixing Hook and Folding tool are a new and impressive combination. They mix the ingredients gently and efficiently swiftly without manual work.

Process Time: 35 min

Easy cooking with Dieta Mixer Kettle

20, Forward long pause

Add the pasta

20, Forward long pause

Rinse the pasta with cold water

Add the rest of the ingredients

80, Forward

Portions 175 pcs / 19,5 kg

  • Barilla, Fusilli5 kg
  • Mayonnaise5 kg
  • Green peas (frozen)2,5 kg
  • Carrot, dice (frozen)2,5 kg
  • Caper1,5 kg
  • Smoked ham, stripes2 kg
  • Fresh herbs
  • Black pepper


Dieta Mixing Tool

  • Mixing Hook and Folding Tool
  • Step 1

    • Cook the pasta
      Cook pasta. Temperature 94 deg, time 12 min, speed 20.
    • Rinse the pasta
      Pour the hot water away with a strainer plate and rinse the pasta with cold water.
      You can add cold water while tilting the kettle.
    • Step 2

      • Add rest of the ingredients
      • Start mixing: Speed 80, forward
        Start mixing for about 1-2min, and see the wonder happening.
Pasta Salad Tutorial