Sima (mead)

Sima is a traditional Finnish fermented beverage that is often consumed on the 1st of May. Sima is similar to mead, but it is typically lower in alcohol and is made with ingredients such as water, sugar, lemon, yeast, and sometimes raisins . Sima has a sweet, slightly tart flavor and is typically consumed cold. It is a refreshing beverage for springtime.

Process Time: 30min

Program steps

92 C
20 - Forward

Add yeast

20 - Forward

Portion 300 liter

  • Cane Sugar15 kg
  • Granulated Sugar15 kg
  • Yeast500 g
  • Lemons125
  • Water250 liter


The mixture

  • Bring half of the water with sugar to boiling.
  • Add yeast and rest of water
  • Brewing

    • Leave the mixture to ferment at room temperature for a day.
    • After that, add mixture to the bottles
    • Add a pinch of sugar and a few raisins to the bottom of the bottles.
    • Let it sit at room temperature for about 3 days or in the refrigerator for about a week.
    • The mead is ready when the raisins rise to the surface.