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Kitchen upgrade to match high standards of care at Curando Day Center Mariaburcht

When it came to upgrading the kitchen at Curando Day Center Mariaburcht, a care home in a Belgian municipality called Dentergem, the challenge was clear: How to enhance the kitchen to match the high standards of care ­– a kitchen that resonated with the warm, personal care Mariaburcht prides itself on. Our trusted partner in Belgium, CD Construct, was ready to answer this.


dentergem curando dieta kettles

WZC Mariaburcht is a care facility of 88 living units and 10 short-stay rooms. The care center is situated in a rural setting and offers the elderly a familial atmosphere, a sense of homeliness, and a pleasant living climate. By providing personalized and warm care, they aim to maintain, restore, or improve the residents' quality of life.


curando mariburcht dieta kettle kitchen

Kitchen design that enables versatile cooking 

An important part in the design process was to design a kitchen that was both modern and inviting. It wasn't just about getting the latest equipment; it was about creating an environment where staff could craft meals that felt home-cooked, meals that are healthy and comforting to the residents.

dieta kettle dentergem

The result

The Mariaburcht kitchen shows what can be achieved when functionality meets warmth. With state-of-the-art Dieta Genier ACE and Dieta Genier GO! kettles that ensure efficiency and easily programmable cooking programs, the kitchen team can now whip up a variety of nutritious, homely meals. With the right design and technology, the staff can automate the cooking and washing processes so that time is saved also for meaningful connections with the other staff and residents.


dieta kettle care home dentergem

care home kitchen with dieta kettle curando mariabrucht


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