Supermarket DelHaize 7/7 Ardooie

Ardooies DelHaize supermarket's kitchen uses Dieta kettles in preparation for the different ready-meals they serve. The selection of ready-meals can vary daily and consists of tens of different options. Dieta mixer kettle always has an important part in producing their meals.

Reliable service combined with reliable results every single day

The kettles in the kitchen have been projected and installed by Dieta partner CD Construct. In addition to the multifunctionality and efficiency of the mixer kettle, the customer highly values the reliable and always available support and service from CD construct.


Mixer kettles offer numerous benefits for supermarkets, especially when it comes to preparing ready-meals. Dieta mixer kettles have become a popular choice for supermarkets like Ardooies DelHaize due to their multifunctionality and efficiency in producing large quantities of food. With the ability to mix, cook, and cool all in one device, these kettles save time and space in the kitchen.