Save time with the built-in mixer

The kettle’s integrated mixer mixes all kinds of food, hot and cold, efficiently and effortlessly.


Quick and easy to wash

The kettle is easy to clean with automatic washing programmes and washing tools that can save up to 80% in water and detergent, and as much as 45 minutes of cleaning time.


Electronic tilting

Electronic tilting makes it safe and efficient to decant food from the kettle. There is plenty of room under the lip for a trolley or a standard GN-sized container.


Water automation makes cooking simple

The kettle comes equipped with an integrated tap, allowing water to be added easily during the cooking process without opening the lid.

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Digital Display

The digital display provides clear information with a 1 degree precision about cooking parameters and is easy to adjust for optimal results.


Hygienic and reliable design

The kettle body is fully welded and does not have any unhygienic engravings or joints. The full-length axle of the mixer has no gaskets in the cooking area.

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Dieta Mixer Kettle Operations

Increase the level of food safety and productivity of your kitchen with detailed knowhow of operating with your mixer kettles.

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An Optimized Work Process Incorporating the Latest Technology

Automatic mixing provides a consistent texture and even heat distribution for safe cooking. A water tap has been integrated into the kettle body to allow water to be added easily during the cooking process without opening the lid.

What else can you make with Celer mixer kettle?

Mashed potatoes:
Potatoes and root vegetables can be mashed in the kettle. Simply cook the ingredients in the kettle and let its powerful mixer make the mash – no need for extra steps or tools.

Well suited for different types of desserts. High-speed mixing with special tools allows ingredients to be whipped in the kettle.

Soups and sauces:
Gentle stirring ensures even cooking and heating of soups and sauces. With automatic mixing and temperature control, soups and sauces can be made efficiently, and high quality is guaranteed every time.