Unique 3-part mixing tool

+ Unequalled ease of use

The Dieta’s mixing tool has a unique three-part structure. No more handling and lugging of bulky mixing tools by kitchen staff: even when there is food in the kettle, the individual parts of the tool are easy to attach and detach.


+ The many possibilities of mixing

Today catering has a demand for a wide variety of tasty and healthy food in the most efficient way. For this reason, you need to cook various recipes one cooking equipment. Ideally, the stirrer is easily modified making it incredibly versatile and equally well suited for preparing food from deserts to warm meals:

  • mashing products (e.g. potato purée)
  • whipped products (e.g. deserts)
  • delicate foods (e.g. milk based products) or
  • heavy masses (e.g. raw cabbage)