Sustainable use of resources

+ Reduce energy consumption by up to 40%, and water use by 35%*

The energy-efficient design of the kettle combined with food temperature control ensures that the right amount of energy is used, and heating happens only when needed. Preventing the heat from igniting also makes it easier to clean the kettle, because the kettle is no longer needed. Using the automatic washing program will achieve water and detergent savings of up to 80% – every wash.


Reduce the workload

+ less manual work and stress for kitchen worker

The automatic cooking programs relieve chefs from manual mixing and constant monitoring. The kettle will let you know when a chef is needed. When the cooking is finished, washing programs and tools take care of cleaning the kettle.

The kettles allows the chef to concentrate on the more important things in the kitchen.


The Dieta EE-function helps with energy efficiency

+ Prepare food more sustainably

The EE instructor encourages you to use energy-efficient operating models. It advises you to avoid opening the lid and utilize kettle functions that save energy, such as temperature control and mixing. The EE supports the user in working more sustainably.


Dieta’s characteristic free-standing installation

+ Easy installation, adaptive to changes

For more than a decade, Dieta’s free-standing model has been the fastest, most adaptive and cost-effective way to install a multifunctional kettle. Drilling holes in the floor is unnecessary, and the kettle can be easily moved when necessary, with no repairs.


Our product development is environmentally conscious.

+ Sustainable R&D

More than 90% of the total weight of Dieta kettles is made from recyclable materials. All metal parts can be reused, because most metals are either stainless steel or brass. All our plastic parts can be melted and reused.