Dough for Rolls in Mixer Kettle

It is widely recognized that bread was one of the first foods after humanity substituted hunting and gathering with agriculture. It has since been an irreplaceable part of almost every human culture and civilization.

Still, in the 21st century, bread is a staple of a balanced food pyramid, and it is crucial to get the dough right to achieve a beautiful, crunchy crust and heavenly soft inside. Our cook shows you how to make quality, basic dough for large kitchens in this recipe.

Process Time: 20 min

Easy cooking with Dieta Mixer Kettles
- Standard or special mixer tool

10 L

Add Yeast and Salt


Add Flour


Add Rest of the Ingredients


Ingredients for 25 kg

  • Water10 liters
  • Yeast1 kg
  • Wheat Flour 8 + 8 kg
  • Salt to taste


Step 1

  • Cook 35°
    Place your mixing tool (standard of special) in the mixer kettle. For small quantities use the normal mixing tool. Use the mixing tool without scrapers in the kettle if mixing big quantities or use the special dough tool. Add water. Heat the water to 35° C
  • Step 2

    • Add yeast & salt
      Adjust the mixer (standard or special) to the right program. Let the mixer run for 2 minutes.
    • Program: forward, speed 80
      Adjust the mixer (standard or special) to the right program.
    • Let the mixer run for 2 minutes.
    • Step 3

      • Add half of the Flour
        When the yeast has dissolved add half of wheat flour. Let mix for 8 minutes
      • Step 4

        • Add rest of the Flour
          Add the other half of flour . Add some oil if you want. Adjust the mixer (standard of special) to the right program.
        • Step 5

          • Add rest of ingredients
            Adjust the mixer (standard of special to the right program. Let mix for approximately 3 minutes. After this the dough is ready and you can remove it from the kettle or let it rise in the kettle: set the heating to 35...40°C.
Dough for Rolls Tutorial