Automated food preparation

+ Ensure consistently uniform results

Automation makes food preparation in professional kitchens easier, and it improves profitability. The automated Dieta kettles ensure that the ingredients are added at precisely the right time, every time, whether it’s a soup, dessert or sauce. Fully automated Dieta kettles are the ingenious and cost-effective workhorses of professional kitchens.


Precise food temperature control for better results

+ Nothing sticks or boils over.

With the kettle’s automated heating, even challenging dishes are not a problem. Whether it’s ensuring a suitable raising temperature for doughs or preventing milk-based sauces such as béchamel sauce sticking to the kettle, Dieta’s automated programs help you do it. Optimised temperatures improve cooking results and prevent food from burning, but they also help to save energy and costs.


The unique 3-part mixing tool

+ Versatile and consistent mixing

The mixing tool ensures consistent quality. The temperature and texture will be the same throughout. Dieta’s mixing tool has a patented three-part structure. Individual parts are easy to attach and remove, even when the kettle is being used. The standard mixing tool can be modified with special tools. This enables the kettle to be used in various kinds of recipes – from mixing salad and heavy masses to whipping desserts.


Unique integrated scale

+ Use the kettle to weigh products to save time and effort

The integrated scale works seamlessly with automated cooking programs. The weighing function makes food preparation easier and faster. When the food is ready, the scale can be used first to confirm the total yield and then to weigh portions.