Cook&Chill in Dieta kettle

The Dieta MI and MX Cook Mix Chill kettles are perfect for a kitchen that supplies refrigerated food, because both the cooking and the chilling process take place directly inside the kettle. Dieta kettles chill food by circulating cold water inside the kettle jacket.

The water used in Dieta kettles can be either normal tap water or chilled water (temperature near 0 °C) from an external cooling system. With chilled water from an external ice bank and the right cooking process, a high degree of cooling can be achieved. Circulating water back to the ice bank is very environmentally friendly and minimizes water consumption.


Simple and straightforward

Cooking and chilling can be done directly inside the kettle. Chilling is either activated from the display or as part of an automatic cooking program – no hoses to attach and no extra devices to put inside the kettle.


Safe and ergonomic

Dieta kettles allow automatic chilling after cooking with no need to handle additional tools or move hot food. This saves a lot of time, and increases safety and improves ergonomics, because it minimizes the amount of heavy lifting the staff has to do during the cooking process.



The flow of chilled water through the kettle jacket combined with effective mixing produces a powerful cooling effect. In addition to cooling the inner surface of the kettle, the water also flows through the central axle of the mixer, adding some 10% to the total cooling surface area.



Chilling options with Dieta kettles:


Two chilling methods are available for Dieta kettles:

  • Chilling with mains water exiting to the floor drain (CH3)
  • Circulated water cooling for connection with the ice bank (CH4/CH5)
    • The CH5 Chill System has an integrated intermediate tank in the kettle and a pump to enhance the flow of the cooling water back into the ice bank. The ice bank can even be located on a different floor.
    • The CH4 Chill System circulates cooling water to and from the ice bank next to the kettle.