Carl and sourcing team lives in the future

Carl Hietala is focused on the future and ensuring that Dieta kettles manufacture intelligent professional mixer kettles today and tomorrow. It means staying curious and investing in and developing collaborative skills.

Carl-Hietala_560x420Where a Dieta kettle can appear in the client's kitchen within just over a month from the order, the parts for that kettle are ordered much earlier. Sourcing looks firmly to the future, and the challenges of the last few years show why. There's been more than one reason for the uncertainty over the availability of materials.

Indeed, Carl and Dieta's team have done a fantastic job; Even since 2020, Dieta has delivered 90% of kettles on time, and the delayed ones have been in within one to two weeks.



We are very proud of our achievement and want to stay in this course. For my part, I keep developing the supplier network to make our buyers' work more manageable and to ensure that there is always a plan b for challenges. We must maintain and professionalize our cooperation with suppliers; this is how we help ensure the sourcing succeeds.

Carl enjoys supporting and helping production and sourcing staff. While Dietatec strives to make everyday life easier in the customer's kitchen, the focus is also on improving working methods and processes in the equipment manufacturer's factory.

I count the development work we did to strengthen the supply security and network as our and, due to this, also my big success. We now carefully assess suppliers and mirror them against Dieta's goals and needs. We carefully consider how to approach, collaborate, and actively monitor suppliers.

In the case of Dieta kettles, the cobbler's children seem to have found the shoes.

Carl has a long-standing interest in the metal industry

Carl Hietala has worked as Production Development & Sourcing Manager at Dieta Kettles since 2021. He is excited by the variety and new challenges in his job. 

I have been interested in the metal industry for a long time. I started my career as a sheet metal worker, and through studies and training, my work has taken me from manufacturing designer to production development and sourcing. The development of the subcontracting network has been my newest challenge at Dietatec. In my varied job, I also like to make the work of others more manageable and thus enable, for example, the success of the purchasing team.

Carl doesn't work with customers, but during the conversation, he mentions how important it is for the customer to get a correctly sized and equipped kettle for the kitchen. He particularly enjoys working for a company that can contribute to hospitals and schools: kitchens that carry out the tasks of the welfare society.

What kind of kitchens benefit from Dieta kettles?

Carl's job is to keep Dieta up with a changing world and thus eventually make it easier for kitchens to operate. Dieta's Genier mixer kettles do this through automation, giving more time for the operator's essential tasks.

The advanced technology of Dieta kettles already supports efficient yet high-quality work in professional kitchens. In the future, all the so-called unnecessary work can be zeroed out. We can help professional kitchens solve challenges caused by staff numbers or turnover while reducing the use of resources such as water and electricity.

The price level is essential in investment, as the cost of an advanced, versatile, high-quality mixer kettle can rise quickly. The product's price should be reasonable, especially for public welfare, where more kettles are often needed.

Price levels can be influenced by foresight and a good supplier network.

What will everyday life in professional kitchens be like in the future?

Carl knows the economic environment, especially in Western kitchens, and recalls the environmental values. He says Dieta Kettles must stay at the forefront of development and highlights the great importance of the resource savings Genier Kettles make possible.

At Dieta, we aim to eliminate unnecessary work in professional kitchens and ensure the economical use of resources. Automation plays a significant role in this. In the future, you can forget about clock-watching, and you can relay your professionals and worry less about labor shortage. Everyone will also be able to concentrate on what they do best.

For us, success is all about customer success. Good food keeps the customer returning, and we want to ensure that preparing the food is efficient and keeping up the quality is possible.


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