CEO's thoughts for 2024: Navigating Innovations, Partnerships, and Challenges Together

As we dive into year 2024, our Managing Director Ville shares his thoughts on the exciting journey that lies ahead this year:

This year, we're excited about new product features and improvements, despite the global challenges. I'm confident that, together with our exceptional team and valued partners, we'll successfully navigate these challenges and thrive amidst them.

Enhanced features 

Kicking off the year, we are proud to release sales of the Genier 360°Sense wireless temperature sensor with the innovative spirit that defines Dieta Kettles. Our commitment to creating world-leading mixer kettles with cutting-edge solutions to help customers remains.


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We will continue the year with enhanced features in the Genier controller UI, designed to simplify kitchen processes, elevate automation, and advance digitalization. All these developments are planned for the first quarter of the year, and more exciting updates are coming as the year progresses.

Strong partnerships


As in previous years, our strong partnerships continue to be a vital part of Dieta Kettles' success in 2024. Our dedicated partners, representing Dieta Kettles and engaging with our customers in kitchens, are crucial to our success. This year, we're focusing on strengthening these partnerships through collaborative efforts from our sales team and improved digital tools.


Together we are strong!


Team that is dedicated to the highest standards


Same time, behind the scenes, the unsung heroes for Dieta Kettles' success are our team in the Helsinki factory. This team has ensured that way over 95% of Dieta kettles have been delivered to customers on time during the challenging period of the last three years. Their commitment deserves applause, and I extend my heartfelt appreciation. We are committed to maintaining this standard, producing each kettle with the same high quality and passion for excellence. Days may vary - results never.


As we navigate 2024, I'm optimistic about the possibilities. Focusing on a collaboration and teamwork culture with our stronger partnerships can make this a year of accomplishments and shared success.

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