A Decade of Dieta Kettles at Host exhibition

Join us as we reflect on a decade of Dieta's successful HOST experiences! Embark on a nostalgic journey through the past ten years of HOST exhibitions, where we have consistently pushed the boundaries of kitchen equipment. These photos encapsulate our remarkable evolution at these exhibitions, tracing our journey from our early years to our latest innovations.

2013: A promising debut

Our first presentation at the HOST exhibition showcasing the innovative Dieta Kettles that would soon be known as the world leader in kettle intelligence.



2015: Refined Elegance

In 2015, we unveiled our updated Dieta Kettles, emphasizing their timeless design and enhanced functionality to an enthusiastic audience at HOST.



2017: Cutting-Edge Technology

At HOST 2017, we took a leap forward, revealing Dieta Kettles equipped with state-of-the-art indirect gas heating technology, setting a new standard in the industry.



2019: Solid Partnerships

In 2019, our presentation emphasized the strong customer base we've built throughout Dieta's journey. It marked the highest number of visitors recorded for Dieta, providing our partners with a significant opportunity to showcase our kettles alongside customers.


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2021: Dieta Genier – the Future of Kettles

 We introduced the Dieta Genier, our most advanced mixer kettle yet, featuring cutting-edge design and unmatched performance. This innovation sets the stage for the next era in kettle technology.



2023: Transformation of temperature measurement in mixer kettles

The 2023 HOST exhibition saw the integration of the new smart Genier 360°Sense wireless core temperature into kettles, bringing temperature measurement in mixer kettles to the next level.




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