Professional kitchen technology & future trends

Skilled and motivated people have been and will be crucial in every stage of commercial kitchen operations. In addition, we see technology arriving in professional kitchens. In the future, it will play an even more significant role in making life easier for chefs in professional kitchens. Possible challenges in obtaining skilled personnel will only emphasize the role of technology.

Automation and Artificial Intelligence

The chef needs the opportunity to manage the kitchen's cooking processes without constant monitoring. Information about the cooking that has taken place and transparent procedures for the following products should move from the chef's vision to every part of the kitchen and every device. The wireless data transmission and cloud services available in Dieta Genier are becoming standard in kitchens.

Automation makes working simple and profitable in professional kitchens, as automated cooking processes ensure high productivity and consistent meal quality. When equipment monitors and store the data of cooking, in the future, artificial intelligence will also have the ability to analyze optimal workflow for coming preparations and process.

Healthy and high-quality food

Our understanding and appreciation of the food's effects have grown and grown. Professional kitchens must also meet this requirement to offer healthy and high-quality food.

To achieve this, chefs prefer optimal preparation methods for preserving the food's vitamins and nutrients. Frying in fat is replaced by cooking, which offers a healthier result, primarily as equipment controls cooking temperatures for optimal results.

20191218-dieta3912-1Multifunctionality of equipment

When the target is to increase profitability, the investments, such as kitchen equipment, should be used as efficiently as possible. It is not profitable to leave them unused. This makes it even more helpful to own equipment that can prepare all different meal parts - hot mains and sides, sauces, salads, or desserts.

The kitchen also needs to deliver a delicious and consistent product to keep customers happy while, at the same time, being flexible and able to adapt to the new ideas in the menu. The best results come from combining top-quality ingredients, skilled kitchen staff, and versatile, cutting-edge equipment.

Maintenance becoming the norm

But, as we know all too well, tech can break from time to time. That's why preventative maintenance will be more vital than ever to ensure machines always work as they should.

Equipment reminders and instructions for kitchen staff and automated monitoring of equipment operational status will reduce the chef's worries and enable them to focus on what is essential in the kitchen. In the future, a service partner's access to equipment logs and error codes will be vital to overcoming technical challenges. In difficult situations, the equipment allows the manufacturer to solve the problem remotely.

Sustainability and Responsibility

The rise in awareness about sustainability and utility costs will make flexibility more critical than ever. Thus, chefs are more inclined to use cooking equipment that offers the utmost flexibility. 

The high energy efficiency and equipment's reduced water consumption are standard requirements. In the future, the devices must guide users to ensure environmentally friendly use of the device.

Kitchen management is responsible for the quality of food produced for the client. They also have to ensure the well-being of the staff, whose performance is critical for kitchen profitability. Ergonomic equipment helps with this, as there are multiple benefits to getting out of ergonomically designed equipment. Especially when we consider heavy cooking equipment constantly producing high volumes of quality food.

Technology can help us realize our vision

The intelligent technology of Dieta Genier kettles is a critical partner for the chef to work with automated processes and produce the desired results repeatedly. Genier uses intelligence as a skill to save resources, increase productivity in the kitchen and thus produce sustainably.

Dieta Genier takes the chef's vision of kitchen workflow and the food produced. It makes sure that this is realized in the kitchen day after day, even in the occasional shortage of skilled staff. The chef can focus on what matters most to him and the kitchen.

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