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Vesa Saaristo, Dieta Chef

Recipe testing in Dieta Chef Vesa Saaristo’s test kitchen often finds out how a challenging recipe can be implemented better based on clients’ needs. A recipe that is being tested is often tested a couple of times. During the testing, both working methods and the recipe are being improved, and the results are being monitored. When all the challenges have been solved, the client approves the recipe.

How is the recipe testing process in the testing kitchen?

The recipe testing process always starts with the client presenting a challenge — at times, implementing a particular recipe can produce headaches to the whole kitchen, and at others, the need might be regarding applying the recipe.

When Dieta Chef Vesa first accepts a challenge, he sits at his work table. Brainstorming and writing ideas down are an essential part of the process before setting foot into the kitchen. It is important to determine whether the challenge relates to the client’s working methods; can the recipe be prepared differently, or does the ingredient list have to be altered.

After the brainwork, it is time to roll up the sleeves. The ingredients are prepared for the first test round, and the work can begin.

At first, it’s reasonable to assume that the results will be moderate at best. After that, it is time to do the homework: were there any problems, what went wrong, and how to continue, says Vesa.


The test rounds are repeated, usually with small ingredient sizes, as long as the solution is found. Sometimes, however, preparing a full-sized industrial kitchen portion is necessary to ensure the right outcome.

When the recipe has been customized to the client’s needs, it is sent to get approved. Taste, texture, and structure are important, but equally significant is making preparing the recipe possible and easy. Often key personnel from client companies visit Vesa’s test kitchen, or Vesa visits the clients at their companies when the improvement results are shown and certified.

In recipe testing, the client and focus on the solution are at the center

Vesa gladly takes on cases about clients’ challenges because working together and helping the client to succeed inspires him. In a recipe testing project, the client's needs and a focus on the solution are always at the center.

One of Saaristo’s most notable recipe-testing projects was when a Central European client contacted him because preparing mashed potatoes had long been a nightmare in his kitchen. Saaristo showed an easy way to prepare mashed potatoes for the particular kitchen. When the kitchen staff came to the test kitchen to see the process, they were stunned; it just could not be this easy! Vesa prepared the potatoes almost with one hand while chatting with the guests simultaneously.

It took a moment for them to believe that it was that easy, Vesa laughs.

Vesa thinks the best thing is to see when clients succeed — whether it is just a single recipe that brings them true joy. Often collaboration with clients does not end even if there is no actual problem anymore: help is still at hand. Clients are kept in touch with, and many have been helped to achieve even greater success.

The client-centered approach is a broad term for Vesa when he thinks about his job with his clients. He would describe his relationship with his clients more like a friend-partnership, where equal respect and being easily approachable are highlighted — you can always call Vesa on a low threshold!

Trust in professionalism is a cook's most important tool

Testing and developing recipes requires confidence in one 's professional skills. With it, things get done, processes can continue, and the wrong projects might be taken upon. While working as a cook for years, Saaristo has learned, among other things, many patterns that help in developing work and helping customers.

Sometimes I know immediately that some recipes will work better, for example, by changing starch. In these cases, multiple test rounds are not necessary, Vesa notes.


Not very often, request to change a recipe are dismissed, but a professional also recognizes those cases where the changes won’t work. Once, Dieta Chef was asked if chilling fish soup could be done in a mixing kettle. Based on experience, Vesa knew immediately that the soup ingredients would break down into nothing but pulp during the process. In these cases, Vesa has a habit of discreetly pushing the client to think about it; usually, the client already has the right solution.

Even though professional skills greatly help Vesa in the Dieta Chef job, he does not have to work alone. The best thing for him is to work alongside the clients, exchange thoughts, and get inspired together. Vesa does not have to do taste testing alone either — in an office of 30 people, there are plenty of eager taste testers and feedback givers!

Take a look at Vesa's mashed potatoes recipe and apply it to your industrial kitchen — much easier to prepare delicious mashed potatoes can not get!

Check out Vesa's easy and delicious mashed potatoes recipe HERE.


Peeled potatoes in mixer kettle    Adding milk to mashed potatoes

Mashed potatoes ready in mixer kettle.


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