Part 4: Dieta Whipping Tool

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Last time in our blog series of my story, you met the strongman, the Mixing Hook, of us Dieta special mixer tools. Now it is time for the light and swift one of us, The whipping tool.



"My specialty is based on my high speed enabled by Dieta Mixer kettles high mixing speed up to 160"


My form of whipping tool is the oldest of special tools. A whipping tool was available already before me, a three-part mixer tool, or Dieta's integrated bottom mixer. Simply to say, I am for whipping or whisking products. I'm suited for adding air into light products or optionally for mixing light and smooth Products.


My specialty is based on my high speed enabled by Dieta Mixer kettles high mixing speed up to 160. High-speed whisking is my most traditional use when I'm used to producing whipped cream. I believe this tells the story of my capability to add air to products.

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My skill of adding air to the product can also be used in other products than whipped cream, like dessert sauces or even mousses. Imagine that with me, you can produce up to 20% more volume by just adding more air into the same products. My selection of desserts spans from more complex products like Sabayon to simple smooth Fruit, Berry & Juice Sauces. 


But I'm not limited only to dessert, I produce warm sauces as well. Imagine complex sauce like hollandaise sauce, requiring a steady hand for whisking and steady temperatures to prevent the yolk from coagulating. Well, my whisking capabilities and high speed handle the first part, while Dieta Mixer Kettle handles the latter, precise temperature control. Voila!

How to use the Whipping tool:

The product structure should be light and allow the whipping tool to pass through easily (e.g., cream, egg whites, smooth sauces, etc.). The lightweight tool cannot handle heavier masses.

Whipping attachment is typically used with bottom scraper attachment by replacing the side scraper attachment with a whipping tool. Using a whipping attachment without the bottom scraper is not recommended as the bottom scraper helps raise the product in the kettle. This does improve not only mixing but also reduces the forces towards whipping attachment.

Recommended speeds are ca. 60 for mixing (e.g.flour porridge, sauces) and 100 to 160 when whisking is needed to achieve desired product structure (e.g. hollandaise sauce, whipped cream). The whipping tool is recommended only with forward mixing modes (no auto-reverse).

Hollandaise sauce

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The precise temperature control and high-speed mixing are ideal for preparing delicate sauces. It is easy to prepare and constant quality day in, day out.

Start by setting the temperature to +45°C, mixing Forward Speed 60-80. High-speed mixing whisks the egg yolks, vinegar, white wine, and lemon juice. Continue until the mixture starts to form a foam and is thick and pale. Typically about 5 minutes, but the time depends on quantity. Test the first time, and save the program for later use.

Then, when adding warmed butter, remove the heating and increase the mixing speed to 100...120 (or as high as the volume allows).


This easy and reliable it is to make hollandaise sauce with a mixer kettle. Thanks to temperature control and high-speed mixing, no risk of egg yolks coagulating

Do you want detailed information about the use of different Dieta Mixer Tools? Download this matrix to learn which tool is best for different types of food.

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