Marko Jäkkö values the kettle's ease of use and custom possibilities

Dieta started in 1993, focusing exclusively on professional kitchen kettle development and manufacture. Marko Jäkkö is one of those who have worked with Dieta's kettles since their early days. 

Actually, Marko did get interested in professional kitchens because of the innovation of the first-generation Dieta kettle.

The road from utility man to customer-focused all-rounder

As the recession of the 1990s took hold, Marko's job changed from construction to Dieta's work in professional kitchen production and maintenance. The change has proved successful, as the work around the kettles continues to inspire.

The story with Dieta kettles began in 1994, and the development of the novelty meant much work from day one. Marko started as a helper, and his early years have been a time of brainstorming, concrete product development, and prototype installation.


"For my part, I want to promote the ease of use and customization of the products. I want that every customer feels like the kettle is designed just for them. And there are plenty of different implementations, as we manufacture kettles for a wide range of professional kitchens."

Today, the work in the factory assembling the kettles has become a familiar routine, and the atmosphere and working culture at the factory are the salt of the job. Marko says he has a good team around him, where everyone's genuine interest is the products. Marko thinks everyone works with a high level of professional pride.

Marko's goal is to solve a problem and have a satisfied customer

Dietatec constantly improves the speed and efficiency of the product and the process. Therefore product development and brainstorming are allowed, even encouraged.

With his extensive experience, Marko now works as a service assistant in addition to assembly work. When a customer's problem is extra complex, or the service department has its hands full elsewhere, Marko may still travel to the customer's site, drawing on the experience he has gained over the years with thousands of Dieta products.

"Making the customer happy and solving a challenging problem is the best thing about the job for me. I approach the problem with a solution-oriented approach. A seal of some connection may be the visible cause, but in reality, it can also be a consequence. By listening to the client and asking questions, I try to get the whole picture and provide the right solution that will last".

The challenge of the water

Marko is interested in water and its use, particularly in Dietatec's kettles. He points out that hard water often causes problems with calcification. There are ways to solve that, but the kettle isn't the solution. Marko explains how the original reason for service contact is handled sustainably in cases like this.

The efficiency in the use of water and, on the other hand, chilling of the food are also relevant topics when discussing the future of professional kitchen equipment.

"This is a challenging industry. Food chilling and following Food Cold Chain with HACCP are the key factors, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Fortunately, there are many possibilities, and we can find the right solutions through collaboration. We always involve the customer in the development process and listen carefully to their ideas and opinions."

At Dieta's factory, energy efficiency is a topic of discussion and is here to stay. With a solution-oriented attitude, that talk remains positive and the choices made are seen in Dieta's kettles now and in the future.

When the workday is over, it's time for the family

Work can take its toll, but the fact is that family helps you to let go. Of the three children in Marko's family, the first has just moved out on his own. Still, the children's hobbies continue to fill their free time effectively. Time flies with hockey, football, and cheerleading.

Sport is not only linked to life through the children's hobbies.

"Being a rinkball referee is a nice challenge for emotional and recreational skills. I get to deal with different people with different emotional states, and my job is to find a solution that satisfies everyone. A certain kind of problem-solving!"

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