Save energy with Dieta Mixer Kettle

Energy saving in commercial kitchens is an important concern. Considering energy costs have always been a large portion of the operating costs of a business, and now energy prices are rising dramatically. After the recent global crisis, even the availability of energy has become a concern, now businesses are doing all they can to reduce the energy usage of their commercial kitchen.

A modern mixer kettle itself is an unbeatable solution to reduce the energy consumption of cooking in the commercial kitchen. The Genier kettle has an energy-efficient value above 95%**, which is achieved by the kettle’s clever design combined with a mixer and food temperature control, ensuring the right amount of energy is used.

Daily savings of up to 40% on electricity and 35% on water*


Energy-efficient food temperature control with mixing saves on energy consumption, as heating happens only when needed and heat is distributed evenly and automatically. This is a major difference from traditional boiling pans without automated control of product temperature. In one year, the average difference will be a saving of 9,500 kWh per kettle. In addition, using the automatic washing program will achieve water and detergent savings of up to 80% – for every wash. This will make a saving of 88,000 liters per kettle in one year.


* Compared to a traditional boiling pan without cooking programs, food temperature-based heating control, or an integrated agitator.
** EFCEM: Energy Efficiency Standard for boiling pans or equivalent

Energy saving operations

There are some relatively simple steps that can be implemented for energy-saving and reducing water consumption with mixer kettles:

  • Select the exact target food temperature at the start (no need to select a higher temperature). The kettle heats up automatically and efficiently to the desired food temperature and adjusts the heating to keep the temperature constant.
  • Use automatic water measuring to add the desired amount of water to the kettle.
  • Create recipes with multi-stage programming. Automatic cooking processes reduce idle time and energy consumption between program stages.
  • Save your cooking programs in internal memory. This reduces variability in daily process and ensures even food quality.
  • Use the right mixing tool for the recipe. Correctly selected mixing tools can save a lot of working time.
  • Weigh all ingredients according to the recipe. Kettles that include the weighing function can weigh ingredients as part of the cooking program.
  • Keep the lid closed during cooking.
  • Use the lid’s ingredients opening to add ingredients. Remember to use the ingredient's opening cover.
  • Empty the kettle with the tilt function.
  • Clean the kettle with  the washing tool and programs. This reduces water and detergent consumption.
  • The removable lid can be washed separately.
  • The mixing tool parts are dishwasher-safe.

Dieta Genier Washing Tool

Dieta Washing tool