Technology - an integral part of the modern professional kitchen

The technology of kitchen appliances offers many possibilities in the kitchen that older devices cannot. Modernizing kitchen equipment can improve many aspects, including faster preparation times, the energy efficiency of equipment, and better-prepared food. When it comes to Dieta Genier kettles, they use technology to save resources, increase productivity in the kitchen and thus produce sustainability.

Kitchen workflow and process

Technology has already become part of commercial kitchens' everyday life and management. Also, it has had a vital role in the kitchen floor, where the core of operations occurs. Kitchen appliances every kitchen needs have long contain technological solutions designed to improve the quality of the final product and to help with the kitchen workflow.

Measure and control

When it comes to Dieta and mixer kettles, they are equipped with sensors that monitor the condition of the food and measure added water so that the kettle can track the cooking progress. Precise control of temperature and water amount combined with an integrated mixer removes the need for constant manual tasks.  

Measurements are also used to monitor the production process. Typically this means recording measurements in selected critical points - often manually. Intelligent equipment, like Dieta Genier, can automatize this. 

The cooking programs of the Dieta Genier kettle direct the user, ensuring consistently high-quality results with standardized processes.

StandardizationFish with vegetables

Standardization of kitchen processes is a complex task. It requires staff training and clear instructions for procedures and recipes to control the use of ingredients. Modern equipment can support this with automatic programs for chefs' favorite recipes. In a modern advanced mixer kettle, like Dieta Genier, recipes can guide the staff during all cooking processes and with different batches. 

Food safety

Commercial kitchens are also strictly regulated environments, where plans, workflow, and food handling and preparation are paramount regarding food safety. In monitoring these, using the kitchen device to record automatic temperature and preparation data enables effortless food safety.

An optimized work process incorporating the latest technology can secure food safety. The cooking programs of the Dieta Genier kettle direct both the user and the kettle, ensuring consistently high-quality results with standardized processes. The precise temperature and mixing control used in Dieta automatic cooking produce safe, high-quality food every time. Even a water tap has been integrated into the kettle body to allow water to be added easily during the cooking process without opening the lid.


Even today, the role of technology in professional kitchens is undeniable. It seems clear that its role will grow, but how? Next blog: Professional kitchen technology & future trends.