Create success in a professional kitchen with standardization

The modern professional kitchen must balance between economy and the requirements for producing high-quality food. The best results come from combining top-quality ingredients, skilled kitchen staff, efficient processes, and versatile, cutting-edge equipment.


Of these, efficient processes with standardization are one of the most overlooked keys to running a successful kitchen operation. This is achieved by putting procedures, operations instructions, recipe lists, and staff training in place and having the right equipment to support these. As a result, the kitchen will increase productivity, reduce waste, maintain consistent quality and acquire more positive customer and staff feedback.

Standardization will create a more profitable and all-around more successful operation.

Versatile, cutting-edge equipment

Genier-ominaisuudet-2-1280x670Standardization of kitchen processes is not a simple task. It requires staff training and clear instructions for procedures and recipes to control the use of ingredients. Today's modern equipment can support this with automatic programs for chefs' favorite recipes.

In a modern advanced kettle, like Dieta Genier, recipes can guide the staff during all cooking processes and with different batches. Like Dieta Genier's adaptive cooking programs that adjust ingredients information and cooking settings to align with the selected batch size.

The best equipment is designed with care, right down to the details, allowing staff to concentrate on more important things in the kitchen. With a large modern display operating is simple, and the key cooking information can be read from a distance. Whenever choices are to be made, the options are displayed.

Skilled kitchen staff

Skilled staff is a combination of the right people and well-tuned staff training. Unfortunately, today it can be challenging to acquire enough skilled staff members.
In these cases, chefs rely more on key personnel who have to follow up and guide other members in the kitchens. This can be very stressful, but the right equipment can support it. Recipes and processes are automized in the memory of the equipment.

Also, products like mixer kettles can reduce manual labor by improving ergonomics and safety on required work steps. This reduces staff absences.

Efficient processes

Day-to-day operations can become very time-consuming if not done systematically. By documented procedures and policies, management trusts operations without spending all the time on everyday issues and has more time devoted to building the business.

Automation facilitates cooking in professional kitchens and improves profitability. The automated equipment ensures that ingredients are added at exactly the right time and they are cooked following the recipe every time.


Standardizing processes and recipes also assures guest satisfaction through consistent and high-quality food. 


The cooking programs direct both the user and the equipment, ensuring consistently high-quality results with minimal energy consumption. Cooking programs are stored in the memory and can be transferred between equipment and computers.

Standardized recipes also reduce waste in two ways. Firstly ingredients are not overused, and the number of portions is not too high. Secondly, as the equipment is used correctly, the smart functions prevent waste, e.g., food burning.

A great example of this is the food temperature control of the Dieta Genier kettle, which keeps the temperature at an optimal level without burning the food, simultaneously reducing energy consumption.

Overall, the advantages of standardization results in the same consistency and nutrient content of food prepared. Taste and appearance will be the same every time.

Simultaneously the food cost is controlled by efficient purchasing as it is well known how much quantity is required for a specific product. Known and well-planned operations will also improve employee time use and working method. Producing cost savings also helps in minimizing the effects of employee turnover.

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