Part 5: Dieta Folding Tool

I have already introduced my standard from the strongman Mixing hook and the agile Whipping tool. Now is the time for the newest addition to the selection of special tools. Let me introduce myself, the Dieta Folding Tool.

I am most useful for mixtures with less liquid. I’m usually much more capable of mixing the products than standard mixer tools. This ability makes Dieta Mixer Tool a unique solution.

My Folding Tool form simply makes the product rise and turn around. I make you a green or pasta salad in no time, I help to marinate your beef or chicken, mix your meatloaf, and I am well suited for cold-base cooking mixtures.

8_Acc_Folding tool

This ability to turn around is highly linked to my background. Even though I am recently released to the offering of Dieta Mixer Tools, my history links to almost a decade ago.

My background

Back then, a customer needed the Cook-Chill application to chill minced meat in a kettle. For efficient chilling minced meat would have needed to mix well, but standard mixer tools could not mix braised minced meat well enough; the product would have been required to turn around better.

Luckily my ability for special tool attachments came to save the situation here!

There is this funny story related to this.
After working with this problem, one day, our Chef Vesa was driving home from work and saw a farmer driving a plow in the field. Seeing how the plow turned the land, Vesa immediately knew there would be a solution. Together with the Dieta product development team, they created the Folding Tool.

I was a success in this use!

I was mainly used only in specific cook-chill projects until lately…

The recognition of the versatility of the Mixer Kettle has increased. People are now looking for more applications and products to produce with the kettle. We have received several applications with a need to turn the products in a short time. Applications like different salads and different mixes.

How to use the folding tool

My form fits the standard mixer tool centerpiece and can be combined with our other tool attachments. As a general rule, with products without liquid content folding tool replaces the bottom scraper attachment and is used in combination with a mixing hook or even alone. When with liquid products, it is used with a side scraper attachment.

I can be used with the whole span of the speed range, but for non-liquid products to start turn-around, I typically need speeds from 80 upwards. When with liquid products, even slower speeds can work well.

Remember that I move only to forward. This is due to my being from a shark fin-like plough.

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Pasta salad recipe

Pasta or even potato salad is exceptionally straightforward with the folding tool.

First, just boil the ingredients, but do not overcook too soft. Then just add the rest of the ingredients, and you are ready to mix the salad.

Let the mixer and folding tool do miracles with speed from 80 to 100 for a few minutes and voila, you have a ready salad with almost no effort!


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